Winter Wonders
26 Nov. au 25 Dec.
City One Belgium had the opportunity to recruit, train and supervise its hosts and hostesses for this edition of Winter Wonders 2021, one of the biggest events in the City of Brussels, bringing together millions of people from all over Belgium and the world. Between artistic innovations and traditions, our teams were able to ensure the smooth running of this event and the respect of sanitary measures by scanning the Covid Safe Tickets (CST) of the participants. For almost a month (26/11/2021 to 25/12/21), City One Belgium enabled many visitors to enjoy the magic of Christmas in complete safety.
Green Week
15 to 17 May 2019
City One were pleased to be at the Green Week, an event which is perfectly forming part of our engagement for sustainable development. During three days our teams have done the accreditation and gave gifts to the participants, some were in charge of the information point, others were managing the attribution of headsets finally our hosts and hostesses gave their assistance throughout the event to make it as best as possible.
Radisson Blue
Our hostesses were at the Radisson Blue hotel for an event to welcome and help the gests. They had to do the accreditation, to orient the participant and to manage the flow.
One of our team was at the IAMLPAD 2019 to assist the conferences. Among their missions they had to do the accreditation, to inform the participants, to pass microphone when there were questions and to manage the PowerPoint for the speakers. Our hosts and hostesses have provided a valuable assistance.
Flyering Smizze
24 May 2019
Under the Brussels’ sunshine, one of our hostesses made the promotion for the coming soon opening of a store in the mall City2. She had to give information about the store and its product but also to provide indications concerning special offers made for the event.
/« Your
Europe,%20Your%20Says! »
« Your Europe, Your Says! »
20 March 2019
Our teams have been working @ Zaventem airport to welcome the thirty-three groups who were participating to an event gathering groups of young students from the twenty eight nations of the european union and from five candidate countries (Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey). They did participate to a plenary session where they were able to discuss their ideas, hopes and expectation for the next European election. Our hosts and hostesses welcomed each group before giving them some piece of information, a welcoming kit for their stay and taking a souvenir photo.
Event at Chalet Robinson and Agenda Louise
March 2019
Our hostesses were at the charming Chalet Robinson located on a small island in the heart of the Bois de la Cambre in Brussels for a private event. A part of our team was managing upstream the well attribution of the shuttle from the Agenda Louise hotel while the other part was welcoming the participants, on the event’s spot, through a listing system and thanks to tablets, they were also managing the cloak room.
GEM-all Seminar
15 and 16 March 2019
Our stewarts welcomed more than 900 persons from Paris, Brussels and all around the world for the GEM-all Seminar; the trading platform of the ENGIE Group. It was the event’s first edition and City One was there! Our hosts and hostesses were committed to welcome the guests, check the ID, distribute badges and train tickets, manage the cloakroom, orient the participants and to help the animation of the workshops.
Les thés de la Pagode
March 2019
Because nothing is more efficient than a healthy spirit in a healthy body, our hostesses are travelling the country every week to present and to make a testing of organics teas in specialised shops all over Belgium.
Supporting the future of Syria and the region
11, 12 and 13 March 2019
City One was, once again, commissioned for the high hand hosting of the Tiffany & Co party which takes place at the Quay01. Our stewards’ tasks were to welcome the guests, manage the cloakroom and the candy bar.
Quai 01
October 17th 2018
City One was, once again, commissioned for the high hand hosting of the Tiffany & Co party which takes place at the Quay01. Our stewards’ tasks were to welcome the guests, manage the cloakroom and the candy bar.
SAS Meets Art
October, 16th 2018
4 of our hostesses and one of our parking boys were pleased to welcome the “SAS meets ART” night participants, at the Kanal-Centre Pompidou in Brussels. The hostesses were in charge not only of the welcoming and the orientation of the guests, but also of the cloakroom management. Or parking boys oriented the participants towards the parkings and managed safety entrances and exits.
EY Conference
10 July 2018
Four City One’s hostesses were in charge of the welcoming of the guests for the EY Company at the Radisson Blu Hotel: welcoming with attendance list, badge distribution, orientation, cloakroom management
Meat & Livestock Australia - Corporate barbecue
27 June 2018
In the garden of the Museum of natural Sciences, two City One hostesses hosted almost 500 guests to the Australian company’s annual barbecue. They were in charge of scanning and registering guests on arrival tanks to two Ipads.
SAP Inspiration Dinner
21 June 2018
Three of our hostesses and a parking boy were pleased to participate at the organization of the SAP Inspiration Dinner at the Atomium. In this outstanding place, the hostesses welcomed and oriented the guests, made the registration, distributed the badges, gave the guest’s table number and managed the cloakroom. On its side, the parking boy oriented the attendees towards the car park, managed entrances and exits, and ensured the security all the evening.
Subway Flyering
25 and 26 May 2018
For this mission, during two days, our 14 hosts and hostesses were in charge of the distribution of Subway’s coupons to passersby. The teams of two were located in 6 different cities in Belgium for this Field Marketing mission. Brussels, Brugge, Leuven, Aalst, Anvers, Brasschaat
BNP Paribas Fortis
7 and 8 June 2018
BNP Paribas Fortis benefited from three City One hostesses during its prestigious event organized in Brussels. They were able to distribute to each guest their assigned badge, orientate and welcome them throughout the whole event.
European Sustainable Development Week
From May 30 th till June 5 th 2018
The European sustainable development week offers conferences, workshops, activities and actions aiming at promoting sustainable development all around Europe. On this occasion, City One Belgium will be donating clothes to “Les Petits Riens” association. This association is a social economy enterprise that has for mission to support individuals in difficulty and allow them to gain autonomy on a long-term perspective.
Digital Banquet
22nd of May 2018
The 2018 edition of the Digital Banquet, was held this year at the Queen Elisabeth Chapel. City One hosted more than a 150 participants for this occasion thanks to two of their hostesses put at the entrance of the event. These two hostesses distributed to each participant their nominative sticker and orientated them throughout the entire event.
RTL Village
20 th of May 2018
Through its booth at the RTL Village, our client wished to increase children awareness on recycling spent batteries in an entertaining way. At the entrance, the young visitors were invited to put these one in the collecting barrels in return for a FastPass given by City One hostesses. This FastPass allowed a priority access to attractions and, in particular, the bouncy castle animated by three City One hostesses.
11 january 2018
Our stewards have the honor of participating at the launch of the new A7 organized by D'Ieteren at Heysel in Brussels. Our stewards took care of the reception, orientation, opening of the doors of the cars carrying the guests, information and thanking at the end of the evening.
9 january 2018
Our stewards were responsible for welcoming the 1500 participants to the "Manager of the Year" event, organized by D'Ieteren in Heysel in Brussels. Our mission? Reception, orientation, opening of the doors of the cars carrying the guests, information and thanking at the end of the evening.
Décember 2017
Our Mrs Santa Claus were in charge of welcoming children on various Christmas markets throughout Belgium. Their mission: welcoming, supervising, organizing games for young children, making souvenir pictures, etc.
14 et 15 décember 2017
City One was a provider of hospitality and guest supervising staff.  Indeed, our agents welcomed the 650 executives of Heineken France in various Belgian stations, were responsible for the distribution of guests in different shuttles and their reception in different hotels. In the hangars of Tour and Taxis, our 60 hosts and hostesses have provided the reception service, luggage storage but also the management of the cloackroom. During the event, our teams provided support for the various organized workshops (listings, distribution of audio translators, information, orientation, etc). During the evening, our hostesses on rollerblades also ensured the distribution of goodies.
8 décember 2017
City One was, once again, the official partner of "Elle Magazine" for the organization of the LOVE x ELLE - ELLE PARTY 2017. Our teams were responsible for welcoming the +/- 800 participants: welcome with attendance list, handing over bracelets, cloakroom, orientation. Our catering team also provided the service, presentation of snacks, trays drinks, the clearing etc.
6 décember 2017
In partnership with the company AG Insurance, City One was in charge of the implementation of several Saint-Nicolas present this December 6th in whole Belgium.
30 november 2017
Partner of Top Secret Communication agency, our teams were commissioned to host the event at the luxurious Tiffany and Co boutique this November 30, 2017 for the Tiffany Launch T Collection.
28 march 2017
Our hosts had for mission to welcome the guests and customers of the Gucci shop located on the prestigious Boulevard of Waterloo during the organization of the nocturnes of the Boulevard. Our mission during this event: welcome, guide and accompany the guests of the shop but also the complete management of the cloakroom.

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